Our Curriculum

The core of what Sowers of Hope teaches is that Farming is a Ministry. If Christian Farmers believe this, they will be capable of figuring the rest out by looking to the Bible, the Land, and Each other. The additional support of agricultural principles, subsidized materials, market access, etc., these are all secondary. For that reason, it is very important that the Facilitator always maintains a posture of HUMILITY, pushing the farmers to recognize their own capacity. Facilitators are encouraged to reflect questions back to the farmers whenever possible (even if he/she knows the answer). The answers are not as important as the farmers having the freedom and confidence to seek them out.

It is also important for the Facilitator to always remember that we are not training farmers to be better farmers. We are calling farmers to be Ministers of the Gospel in their communities. They are not there to receive, as much as they are being equipped to give. Everything that we learn should be traceable back to our ministry as Christian Farmers.

Using the Curriculum

These curriculums are available for anyone to use. The curriculum linked below is actively being developed and edited. It includes the curriculum along with associated Farmer Notes, worksheets, posters, etc. in both English and Kinyarwanda. You will likely find mistakes and missing information. We ask that if you use the AgriFaith Curriculum, please give us your feedback. Share any comments, edits, or translations so that they can be added to our public archive. 

You will find these curriculums ordered and scheduled according to the Rwandan growing seasons. A lot of thought goes into the timing of these classes, and adjusting them to your seasons will require the same. Consider that the topic should be received by the farmers 2 weeks before they might need to use it, allowing for plenty of prep time. Changing the order may require edits to the content. If you craft a new order/timing according to your location, please share it with us so that we can add it to the public archive.

For questions, comments, edits, or just to let us know you are using the curriculum, please email:

AgriFaith Commissioning School (AFCS)

This is a 6 month school for farmers elected by their churches to be trained as Agricultural Ministers. The AFCS includes keeping attendance and grading assignments both in class, and on-farm implementation. The elected farmers who pass, are commissioned to start AgriFaith Schools (and eventually self-sustaining AgriFaith Associations (AFAs) in their local church.

AgriFaith School (AFS)

 This is an 12-month course taught by the Commissioned Farmers from the AFCS. The Facilitator from the AFCS continues to meet with the elected farmers about every other week to train them on a new curriculum that the Commissioned Farmers take back to their local church AFS. The point of the AFS is to build a self-sustaining AgriFaith Association (AFA) that can continue indefinitely as a ministry of the local church without the need for external input.