Careers and Internships

Search for job openings and internship opportunities within Sowers of Hope.

Plant an AgriFaith Association

Do you have a church or ministry where christian farmers are being under-utilized to build the Kingdom? We believe that farmers can be catalysts for Nutritional, Economic, Environmental, and Spiritual growth in their communities. To talk about planting an AgriFaith Association in your community, please contact Matthew VonHerbulis at

 Service Learning

Sowers of Hope hosts churches, and other groups for “Mission Trips” to
visit and learn alongside Christian farmers. These trips are intended to build
relationships in the family of God across cultures and to support and
encourage the long-term ministers serving in-country.

For more information, contact Matthew VonHerbulis at

 Spread the Word

You have a voice and a network. We invite you to use your influence to help us spread the word about our work to potential partners. We provide instructions and kits for different outreach events that you can host in your community including:

  • Farm Dinners: Host a group of friends for a meal mimicking a Rwandan meal, and share about opportunities to partner with Sowers of Hope.
  • Grow the Network: Call-outs on your social media platform(s) to grow our web presence and connect more people with this exciting work.
  • Get Creative! If you have another idea of how to help us Spread the Word, we would love to offer whatever support we can to equip you to succeed.