Program Officer-HOPE Rwanda

Sowers of HOPE Program Officer – HOPE Rwanda:

Application deadline: July 1, 2022



The Sowers of HOPE Agriculture Program Officer is responsible for assisting the SoH Agriculture Program Coordinator in operations of the Sowers of HOPE program among implementing church partners. The Agriculture Program Officer advises and supports implementing church partners’ Field Coordinators for the Sowers of HOPE program with planning, implementing, and reporting on operations, as well as assisting church partners with budgeting, financial requests, and expense reports.


Kigali, Rwanda






Sowers of HOPE Agriculture Program Coordinator


Exempt, Full-time


HOPE International implements savings group ministries by equipping and supporting a network of partners with a holistic, church-centered savings group ministry.  As another area of growth and innovation in the future for HOPE’s Savings Group team is incorporating training and support for regenerative agriculture activities to be deployed alongside the existing SG ministry as a valuable complementary service.  This will help strengthen HOPE’s program design to support the church and further the transformation in the lives of individuals in the communities where they serve.

The Sowers of HOPE (SoH) program is a HOPE International initiative to equip churches with theological and technical resources so that Christian farmers will be catalysts for nutritional, economic, environmental, and spiritual growth in their communities. The Agriculture Program Officer advises and supports implementing church partners’ Field Coordinators for the Sowers of HOPE program with planning, implementing, and reporting on operations, as well as assisting church partners with budgeting, financial requests, and expense reports. This role will include supporting country-level program initiatives and operations in regenerative agriculture activities with the broader goals of HOPE Rwanda’s Savings Group Programs.


Savings Group Program Team Engagement

  1. Participate in regular savings group program team meetings and planning/strategy sessions, carrying out assigned tasks and working to support team strategy
  2. Model servant-leadership in the work environment, including HOPE co-workers and ministry stakeholders
  3. Contribute to a culture that models Biblical principles and incorporates an intentional and effective Christ-centered witness in all savings group programs.
  4. Encourage and model servant-like posture in relationships with field team, and church partner staff/volunteers

Sowers of HOPE Representation 

  1. Support, in conjunction with the Sowers of HOPE Program Coordinator and other HOPE leadership, the organization’s relationships with partners implementing the Sowers of HOPE program and other HOPE agricultural initiatives.

Sowers of HOPE Operations  

Works alongside HOPE staff to ensure that the mission is fulfilled through program implementation. This includes:

General support to Church Partner implementation staff (70%)

  1. Provide coaching support to Field Coordinators through reviewing reports and conducting Partner Support Visits and providing feedback. This includes participating in mentoring meetings, Church Partner meetings, and providing technical and facilitation training.
  2. Review partners’ reports and provide SoH Agriculture Program Coordinator with updates on partners’ progress and challenges.
  3. Plan Field Coordinator trainings and organizing team events.
  4. Supporting the planning and delivery of training events for Church Partners
  5. Conduct Partner Support Visits (also termed as field visits) to assess documentation, identify areas for further support, update records, and producing reports with recommendations.
  6. Support church partners’ staff to explore other agriculture training opportunities from other organizations or government.
  7. Review training timelines to ensure that adequate materials are available for all training sessions.
  8. Collect and share best practices and impact stories, including developing newsletters.
  9. Collecting and communicating feedback in an organized manner for program development.
  10. Advise and help Field Coordinators and other Church Partner SoH staff in their professional development.
  11. Support church partners to access wholesale agricultural materials and Sowers of HOPE resources.

 Specific support and coaching on financial compliance and reporting (20%)

  1. Support the church partner implementation staff with coaching on compliance, which includes budget management, financial standards such as Church Partner Finance Guidelines, expense tracking, and other financial management tools to ensure operational budgets are accurately used.
  2. Train, review, and assist church partners’ staff regarding financial tools, such as SuperSHEETs.
  3. When required, assist HOPE Finance to review SoH financial reports via SuperSHEETs to compare with church partners accounting and bank statements.

Spiritual Integration and Self Development (10%)

  1. Lead and engage in team and department devotions, and set personal and professional goals, outlining a realistic roadmap with supervisor.
  2. Ensure a personal healthy spiritual balance within family, work, and church life through the adoption of Biblical, personal, spiritual disciplines.
  3. Pursue ways for HOPE’s Mission and Vision to be upheld in all SoH activities, ensuring Christ-centeredness alongside the quality growth of the program.


Personal confession of Christian faith and commitment to the mission and vision of HOPE International

Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, community development, or equivalent, plus expressed interest in church-led approach to agricultural development.

Demonstrated proficiency in program support including the ability to create well-organized reports, accomplish objectives (as opposed to only tasks), and keeping detailed records of activities and expenses. Experience in budgeting and monitoring financial accounts is a plus.

Experience of Microsoft Office package Experience in conducting trainings using methods for adult learning. Proven leadership abilities and experience with coaching/mentoring others

Self-driven with demonstrated ability to solve problems, and work independently, and in collaboration with a team

Fluent in spoken and written Kinyarwanda and English; proficiency in other languages a plus (i.e. French)


Submit by July 1st, 2022, your candidacy to HOPE International by sending your application to only.

Please include:

  • A Motivation letter with reference for recommendation.
  • CV
  • Along with your CV, please submit a short essay (up to 200 words) answering the following question: What is your personal calling in life? How could this role contribute to your calling?’
  • Certified Degrees
  • Recommendation of your church